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YZW mounted YZWB type external loading type electric drum

The product from a variety of stationary belt conveyor, bucket elevator, a new type of drive hoist and other supporting.The internal use of planetary cycloid deceleration, make motor exposed and drum straight league, has a large carrying capacity, strong overload capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, etc.To meet the various non-return, plastic bags and other requirements.Flame-proof mounted electric drum of its marks for dI, dIIAT4, dIIBT4.DI suitable for methane or coal dust, mine dIIAT4 suitable for grade I, type IIA T2 - T4 group explosive dangerous concoction, dIIBT4 is suitable for a class I, type IIA and IIB T2 - T4 group mixture explosion hazard exists.Click to view YZW Ⅰ, YDW Ⅰ, external loading type electric drum technical parameters Outside mounted electric drum type
Electric roller in our country and even the world as a result of outside decoration is still belongs to a new type of drive belt conveyor, drum of electric industry in China has not yet set common product type.Manufacturer of mounted electric drum outside a lot, each manufacturer's code is not the same, but the difference is bigger, our company according to standard JB/T7330-94, fixed axis gear is designed and developed, cycloidal pinwheel, three kinds of planetary gear transmission of external mounted electric drum