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bend pulley ,conveyor pulley

Direction reversing pulley,it is an important part of belt conveyer.  It is used to change the move direction of conveyer belt.  For example, the tail pulley, guide pulley and take-up pulley.


Conveyor driving drum,conveyor head drum for bulk material handling

Driving pulleys,  it is an important part of belt conveyer.  It is just by the driving pulley that the moment supplied by  the driving units could get to the conveyor belt.

Detailed conveyor steel pully feature: 
1. Steel pulley's size depends on the detailed belt width, the structure can be according to our design or the customers; Requiremetns, which are used in the steel industry, harbor, coal industry, power industry, cement industry, etc. 
2. Tube: Carbon steel Q235 
3. Shaft: 45#steel 
4. Bearing: Single &Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing with C3 clearance. 
5. Seals: Grease retaining inner seal with Multi-stage Labyrinth and Retention Cap with Outboard Rubbing Flinger Seal. 
6. Lubrication: Grease is Lithium soap type grease with Rust Inhibitors. 
7. Welding: Mixed gas shielded arc welding end. 
8. Surface treatment: Rubber lagging/painting 
9. Painting: Ordinary painting, hot galvanized painting, electric static spraying painting, baked painting. 

Summary of the pulley size: 
1. Diameter: 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400mm 
2. Length: 200~2400mm, or as the buyer's demand 

Conveyor pulley: 
1. Size depens on the belt width 
2. Used in mining cement, steel, harbor, coal and mining, building industries, etc. 
3. Certificate: CE, ISO, BV 
Certificates: CE, ISO, BV, SGS, IKA, etc 

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