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TDY75 type oil cooled electric drum

TDY75 type oil cooled electric drum (hereinafter referred to as electric drum) is based on motor power, continuous movement, duct tape transmit a new kind of internal drive of various materials.
1 scope and characteristics
1.1 can replace the current widely used outside a reducer type motor drive, used to constitute a belt conveyor, may transport the coal, ore, sand, cement, bulk materials such as flour, can also transport canula into items, equipment, etc. 
1.2 simple and compact structure, small footprint area. 
1.3 sealing is good, suitable for big dust concentration, wet muddy the workplace. 
1.4 convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, long service life. 
1.5 less energy consumption, and easy to implement centralized control. 
1.6 to meet various non-return, brake, plastic bags and other requirements.
2 the working conditions
2.1 using the environment temperature for a 15 ℃ and + 40 ℃; 
2.2 no more than 1000 meters altitude,
2.3 the temperature of the conveying material does not exceed 60 ℃; 
2.4 voltage 380 v, frequency 50 hz.