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Belt sports a telescopic device

Belt sports a telescopic device
Mainly used in car dumper or coal unloader, underground station, as well as coal transfer station and transfer station between coal scuttle, interchange between party a and party b belt conveyors and other occasions.According to the needs of engineering practice, the agency supporting for DT75 type, type DTII series, such as bandwidth from B = 500 - B = 2200. 
Mainly by the cylinder head, tail roller, guide roller, walking wheel, drive device, guide plate and cleaning roller.
Make the space of transfer station greatly reduced, saving construction cost.
Reducing the conveyor hoisting height, and at the same time reduces the drive power of the conveyor.
The captain of the belt degree, shorten system to reduce mechanical investment costs.
Coal on poor, reduce dust pollution to the environment.
Reduce the coal flow on the impact of belt conveyor, extend the life of the equipment.